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Saturday September 27, 1:00 – 3:30 pm
Opening Your Heart Through Backbends

Nandi Yoga, San Mateo, www.nandiyoga.com

Backbends can be intimidating because most of us live in the front part of our brain and body. What is in front of you is familiar. Behind you is the mystery of the unknown. However, when practiced with care, backbends are both rejuvenating and stimulating.

To do backbends skillfully and deeply, you must move your attention into the back of your body and move from the back of your body. We will practice poses to open the front side of the body and strengthen the back side of the body, allowing the body/mind/spirit to ready itself progressively and carefully for deeper backbends. We will include a variety of back arches, both supported and unsupported. For those who wish to go further, we will add shoulder stand and headstand back arches, which are considered sacred owing to the way they combine activity with deep rest. Whether you find backbends intimidating, difficult, liberating, or exhilarating, this workshop will bring greater ease and depth to your practice.